n . 滤过液;渗出液

英文释义 the product of percolation

v . 过滤;渗出;浸透

英文释义 permeate or penetrate gradually; spread gradually; prepare in a percolator; cause (a solvent) to pass through a permeable substance in order to extract a soluble constituent pass through; gain or regain energy;
同义词 leach >>
例句 With reverse osmosis technology as an example , the application of membrane technology in the treatment of urban garbage percolate is introduced emphatically. 以反渗透处理技术为例,重点介绍了膜处理技术在城市垃圾渗滤液处理中的应用。 A sump can catch large amounts of rain and allow it to naturally percolate. 阿水池可以捕获大量的降雨,并允许它自然渗透。
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