助记 re再+solv溶解,解决,松开+e→v。决心;[使]分解,溶解;决议 n。解决;决心

n . 坚决;决定要做的事

英文释义 the trait of being resolute; a formal expression by a meeting; agreed to by a vote
同义词 resolution
反义词 vacillation

v 。 解决;决心;分解;溶解

英文释义 bring to an end; settle conclusively; reach a conclusion after a discussion or deliberation reach a decision; understand the meaning of; make clearly visible; find the solution; cause to go into a solution;
同义词 disjoint
反义词 unify >>
例句 So I want to take this opportunity to lay out what we are doing, and how we intend to resolve these outstanding issues。 因此我想利用这个机会说明我们正在做哪些事情,我们打算用什么方式解决这些有待处理的问题。 With a common release goal, we have a regular place to go to discuss issues with those projects, which encourage interactions among projects to resolve issues quickly。 由于共同的版本目标,我们有一个正规的地方去与那些项目讨论问题,它鼓励项目之间进行交互以加快解决问题。
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